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Description:  Esse mapa visa identificar onde pode estar havendo foco de dengue. A ideia é que, com a colaboração das pessoas, possa-se construir um mapa onde as autoridades possam rapidamente identificar focos e locais vulneráveis.
Description:  __WikiMapAid__ is a collaboration between Global MapAid and Wikinova and the University of Fortaleza. As a not-for-profit
organization, GMA was initiated to supply specialist maps to those assisting victims of poverty and rehabilitating damage
after a disaster. The focus is to map poverty crises hotspots by capturing data about orphanage programs, drought, food,
employment, education and training. GMA wants to create humanitarian maps that show solutions to poverty-oriented
Wikinova and the University of Fortaleza - UNIFOR, Brazil have previously created the excellent site [WikiCrimes]( The site runs BEST on Firefox browser, please download from this is easy and fast.
Description:  Buracos da CAGECE
Description:  Aplicacao de exemplo no BNB
Description:  Mapa com informações do Estado de Alagoas
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